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Nice to meet you!
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The actual, real-life ranch, as captured by Gina. So lucky.

The actual, real-life ranch, as captured by Gina. So lucky.

Everything we do, every new venture we undertake, is infused with the following characteristics:

Freedom. We are not doing this out of obligation or martyrdom. We believe that we are free to make choices-- with our family, our food, our individual lives. We can choose something different. And THAT is liberating.
Creativity. Each of us can live out our highest degree of self-expression, for no other reason than we have a duty to bring our voice into the world. Other people might not get what we are doing and that is TOTALLY okay. Actually, it makes it interesting!
Natural and organic. Not the food certification, but a broad-based way of living. That one thing naturally leads to another. Building on the natural strengths of the land, the animals and each of the people we work with. Unaltered. But not unrefined.
Simplicity. "Chop wood. Carry water." Not making things more complicated is actually THE way. Taking a solid foundation of old-fashioned knowledge and using that to it's full advantage with all that we have learned since then. Which might not actually be as much as we think.
Interconnectedness. Nurturing (all of) this in a way that supports our resources and putting those relationships at the center of what we do. Our relationship with the community and our community's relationship with their food; our relationship with the animals and our commitment to giving them the best life possible, which is represented in our food. It's all connected.
Responsiveness. Not reactionary and not trendy. But truly responding to the needs of those around us. Our earth, our family, our animals, our members, our community. All of it. It is an experiential-based learning that cannot be read about or taught and, even at it's messiest, is a powerful tool.
Predictability. As much consistency as the wild alchemy of Mother Nature allows. When we can provide the best possible circumstances for nature to do it's best and then create the space for that to actually happen, it's a beautiful thing. And to know that our animals, our land, or even our family and community can trust the safe structure we provide is our definition of good stewardship.

Thank you so much! We are honored and flattered that you interested in the Syndicate.
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