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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a fancy term to describe a direct relationship between your food producer and you. In our case, you invest money to have us raise your meat and deliver it directly to you. No supermarkets. No middle-man. 

Black Market Farm works three ways:

1. You can order a half or whole of a specific meat (i.e. beef) as a one-time purchase. A 50% deposit is due at the time of order, and the balance is due once your final cuts are processed.


2. You can purchase a membership in an assortment of meats that will be delivered every other week over a period of six months, beginning in June. Membership deadline for 2018 is March 31st. You pay for your share up front and enjoy meat delivered right to your home, every other week.


2. You can order specific items (no minimum) to be picked up at a location near you. Current location(s):

Laramie every Thursday at Undine park (2 - 5pm)

Cheyenne - Coming soon

Steamboat - Coming soon

What does it mean to be a member?

We have to know early in the season what our supply and demand is going to be. We’ll ask for an up-front deposit and signed contract to allow time to get the infrastructure and the animals planned for the season. As a member, your contract means that you are part owner of specific, live animals.

We work with local butchers to vary the harvest dates and deliver it as a service to you, based on the contract that you signed at the start of the season. If you order the membership/ assortment, you will be getting a variety of meat at each monthly delivery. You will receive a manageable portion, and also get to try new cuts that maybe you haven’t had before!