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OUR MISSION:  To promote health, family and community by delivering honest, natural and simple pasture raised meats from our homestead to yours.

Black Market Farm is operated by the Sigel family on Hecht Creek Ranch, located in the Centennial Valley near Laramie, Wyoming. As a family business, our goal is to rekindle a direct connection to traditionally-raised food and promote the natural resources of the land to provide a lifestyle that is fulfilling and sustainable. Our grass-fed, free-range animals are 100% natural(no hormones or antibiotics), 100% loved, and 100% available to you.

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Matt is an artist. And the builder. And the socializer. And the farmer (ask him about the time he literally “watered the chickens” when he was little - a favorite family story). With a passion for living off the fruit of the land, “putzing”, and learning new things, he was born to be doing this.