Ordering from Black Market Farm

Choose one of the three options below


Market Place

For the most flexibility, you can select the products we offer each week and deliver them to you! Here's where you will find individual cuts and smaller packages.

Send a gift box to your friends door!

Currently available in Laramie


CSA Share

These shares are a short subscription! You receive automatic deliveries of our products, directly to your door every-other week! We offer seasons that run throughout the year and a wide selection from a variety of cuts. We call this the "old fashioned milkman" package!

Available in Laramie, Cheyenne & Front Range

quarter-beef (1).png


With this option, you pay a deposit and select half/whole/quarter packages (i.e. half beef or full pork) of specific kinds of meats and when you want to receive them (based on availability). We collect the rest of the payment, based on weight, and deliver them direct from the farm to your doorstep!

FREE DELIVERY in Laramie, Cheyenne & Front range (Denver)& Steamboat area