Purchase Agreement

Inherent Risks of Farming

As a member of our farm, you are also sharing in the risks of farming. These risks may include but are not limited to loss of animal life due to natural disaster, extreme weather, disease and predators. While we do make contingencies for some loss, losses beyond our estimates could reduce the availability of pork, poultry or eggs.

Our CSA is the Sale of Live Animals, Not the Sale of Meat

As a member of our farm, you are purchasing the animals we are raising for you. Members reserve the right to pick up their animals at the farm and take them home live. And as a member, you are invited to have us arrange your processing, in conjunction with other members. This structure, being based on private ownership of animals with no sale of meat, exempts our operations from regulatory oversight.

We take food safety very seriously and perform any processing taking all sanitary precautions or use a professional, custom butcher. Since no outside regulatory body will be certifying or inspecting the meats, each member will take responsibility for the safety of the meat. By joining this CSA, you are signing a waiver of liability that you understand the risks associated with raising, processing, storing and consuming your own meat. 

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I agree to purchase, in conjunction with others, a fraction of a flock/heard of live animals from Black Market Farm. As a service to me in exchange for my contribution, Black Market Farm agrees to raise the meat and collect the eggs for preparation and consumption. They will also arrange for preparation and delivery of the meat as an additional service, a charge included in the price of my membership.