BEEF ROAST ($8.25 lb)

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Dollarphotoclub_83332538 (1).jpg

BEEF ROAST ($8.25 lb)


One premium roast. Selections will include chuck, top round, bottom round or tip roast, based on availability. 

Total weight is approximately 3.22 lbs, although package weight may vary slightly.


Where heritage breeds and high-mountain grazing create authentic flavor for premium, aged beef.

  • We raise all-natural, heritage Highland-, Galloway- and Wagyu cross breeds, exceedingly marbled in the grassfed tradition.
  • Our sustainable, rotational grazing practices bring out the best in our tender, premium beef.
  • Our local grasses are higher in Omega-3s and the cholesterol that’s good for your heart.

When beef is raised on the land, you can taste it, like a fine wine. Our pines, fresh sagebrush and cold-weather grasses aren’t just a pretty picture, they flavor every part of our food and our lifestyle. We are committed to raising gourmet, grassfed beef, like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

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