The story behind the story

The most amazing things have been happening lately.

National Geographic was doing a story on bird cognition and they called us to photograph some chickens. They saw our website and thought we would have a great backdrop for some shots, so the photographer ventured down from Jackson to stay at our ranch for a few days. It was incredible. Charlie is an amazing photographer and naturalist and I got the feeling, as we were eating grassfed burgers (of course!) and drinking beer around our table that I should know who he is. In case you are wondering, we SHOULD have probably known who he was. You can look him up here: I don't have my own Wikipedia page--do you? It was a humbling experience and nothing is more validating than looking at your life through the lens of a professional photographer. And then having over half a million people like it, too.

Here are some of the images you might have seen on Instagram and several you did not. I don't know where or if the pictures of our birds will make the final cut, but you will be the first to know, if we do.

Speaking of not knowing, less than five days later, I received a random email while I was working on the computer. A woman in California wanted to know how she could get our beef because she just heard a story on NPR. We knew that the story had aired in Wyoming a few weeks ago, so it meant that NPR picked up the story nationally. And when we looked on "Here and Now," we saw it airing that day. It's all very exciting!

I have lots of thoughts on all of this and since it's been so long, I will blog again soon. But we had to share our news and the stories happening here... it's breaking news!