Boots on the Ground

A selection of shots from our wedding day, almost 10 years ago! See if you recognize anyone’s boots...

Black Market Farm is devoted to sustainability. We believe in integrity and practicing what we preach. Which is where YOU come in!

We know that as we continue to grow and people join our movement, we do not exist in a vacuum. We are reaching out to our community and trust that this process will help bring us the support we need! 

We are calling this our Boots on the Ground campaign. As we form our foundational advisory board, we are turning to the people who have believed in us from the beginning. Help us spread the word! As you look at these positions, someone will pop into your mind. You can connect us; you have the relationship. Introduce us, virtually or at an upcoming farmer's market (we will be at them as regularly as possible for the rest of the season). Or shoot us an email and we will reach out to them!

Our advisory board does not have fund raising or capital contribution responsibilities. They're job is to literally be our "boots on the ground" with their specific skills. Here's what we need.

-Financial steward: This person is responsible for helping us determine best funding streams (grants vs investors vs operating loans, etc) and guiding our fiduciary vision of sustainability. We believe that we have access to money and resources that can be used in divine ways and we want a guiding entity helping us make those decisions. They will also help us examine the feasibility of potential projects and growth areas for Black Market Farm. (10 hours/week at most!)

-Legal advisor- Contract law, liability waivers, etc (as needed; approx 10 hours/month)

-Number cruncher: This is our accountant, bookkeeper and database administrator. He or she is responsible for keeping the numbers all together so that we can do our best work (oversee banking and account activity, accounts payable and receivable, organizing membership data and generating reports). This person will also help keep us in line! (5-10 hours/week, much less once system is in place!)

-Farm hand: This person (or family, or couple) will be our support at the ranch. They will be lead by Matt to help with daily chores, animal care and infastrucure. We will use their hands and expertise to help us build outdoor coops, and keep things running smoothly at Black Market Farm so that we can attend farmer's markets more regularly, be designing projects and delivering meat and interacting with our members. These folks will also be super helpful when we are doing our events! (10-20 hours/week, can be rotational with other families!)

Interested folks should email to fill out an application and be willing to meet with us to find the right fit. They should also be willing to exchange sweat equity for farm stays, meat trades, and special access to Black Market Farm events. We want the team to feel like a family! We need creative, innovative people who aren’t afraid to jump in on the ground level to get this thing going. It’s both cutting edge and old-fashioned bartering… just like us.

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