Black Market Farm. Sounds underground, right? You are right. We are creating a local movement that centers around simple, healthy food, direct from us to you. But here’s what you need to know—the clock is TICKING to get in on this year’s harvest! We have to have numbers to plan for the season and we are only taking orders through March 31st. We are really excited to work with you and don’t want you to miss out! Or have to wait another whole year (till next birthday, as my kids say. This is our daughter Lucy, with a piggy.)
Black Market Farm works two ways—either by ordering whole/halves of specific meats (i.e. beef) or buying membership in an assortment, the CSA. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a fancy term to describe a direct relationship between your food producer and you. In our case, you invest money to have us raise your meat and deliver it directly to you. No supermarkets. No middle man.
Let’s break it down. We have to know early in the season what our supply and demand is going to be. We ask for an up-front deposit and signed contract to allow time to get the infrastructure and the animals planned for the season. As a member, your contract means that you are part owner of specific, live animals. We’ve done the research and collectively, our families have almost 70 years experience raising beef, pork and chicken in all sorts of conditions. We got this.
Then comes the business of raising the food for harvest. This is the fun part. It’s the part where you sit back and relax (or come visit the ranch!) and we take good care of your animals. We don’t raise organic (more on that to come in later posts), but we do believe in honest, natural, simple meat. And healthy doses of Wyoming sunshine and mountain pastures make some FINE meat.
The remainder of your investment is due at the end of May, before delivery begins, or once your final cuts are processed, if you’ve ordered whole/halves. We work with local butchers to vary the harvest dates and deliver it as a service to you, based on the contract that you signed at the start of the season. We use local facilities to reduce the carbon footprint, but that also means that none of the cuts are available for individual sale (that’s where the contract comes in—more on that to come, too).
If you order the CSA, an assortment, you will be getting a variety of meat at each delivery and NOT getting it all at once. Because some people actually park their cars in their garages, instead of their chest freezers. It’s a manageable portion and you get to do your magic in the kitchen. You also get to try new cuts that maybe you haven’t done before! Our family discovered a killer recipe for short ribs. Love them. And we will be sharing that love later in the season. :)
Depending on your membership, you will get deliveries on scheduled days. We will supply a cooler to store your meat; you don’t even have to be home! Consider us an old-fashioned milk man. But with meat.