Let's do this. TOGETHER. Right now! (Get ready to be inspired.)

The link between food and community. And gathering. And celebrating. And grieving. For us, the CSA is just the beginning. We want to host events… making your own sausage, pairing meats with wine and beer, artistic communities, family and yoga retreats… our hopes are as expansive as the wide-open Wyoming prairie out here. We’ve got super talented friends (maybe you!) and there is so much potential in keeping with the spirit of this place.
For us, Black Market Farm is about something larger. Not just our family and our food, but about life/work balance, about creating conversation and an opportunity to be involved. Together (you’re going to hear me use that word a lot). It’s about sharing our lives with you, through blog posts or farm stays at the ranch. It’s about using the resources: of the ranch, the animals and EACH OTHER.

We have been using the ranch for over a decade as a gathering place for our family and friends (and kids’ school field trips). Gina and I had our 300+ person wedding reception in the “wedding barn” that we built, which is serving its intended purpose as an equipment shelter these days. Little did we know that event would be the launch of an adventure of a lifetime. Of trusting each other and our family and our highest good. Of being stewards of our land, our relationships and our intentions.

Staying simple, grounded and easy so that we can be flexible and expansive and limitless. Like I said when I announced that I was “Going Rogue,” it’s about freedom. If we weren’t doing this, we would still be doing this. It’s a means to an end, not the end itself.

How many people celebrated this past holiday weekend with loved ones, all gathered around a table? What did you do? What did you eat? What are YOUR traditions? Seriously, we want to know! Chances are, some (if not many of them) center around food.

It’s as simple as sharing a conversation about something as old as our species. In our DNA, we are wired for connection. Not only with fellow humans, but with humanity itself. Because we all have to eat!